Frequently Asked Questions

How many certifications can WEMS track, manage and verify?
WEMS can track, manage and verify as many certifications as you require.
What if I need assistance?
Our hours of operation are from 8am- 5pm MST and our help desk representatives are available via phone, fax, and email to answer all of your questions.
Can you provide professional safety related information?
Absolutely, our team of safety specialists have over 100 years combined of professional knowledge.
How quickly can I view my information?
Once your information is uploaded, it is available for viewing.
Who can access my data?
Only WEMS and your designated Administrator(s).
How safe is my data?
The data stored in the WEMS system is secured with industry standard 128 bit encryption (the same as you would see on a banking website). When you are logged in you will know that your data is safe when you see the padlock icon at the bottom or top of your browser. Your data is backed up nightly providing you peace of mind.

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