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The World Energy Management System

also known as WEMS, is a software based system that has been developed to TRACK, MANAGE and VERIFY all safety requirements set forth by companies and regulation. It also ensures that, through its Safety Training Tracking System (STTS), all persons sent to a work site have current training certification.

Training Employees and Workers

is an essential activity for all organizations. Training provides employees with the key knowledge and skills that help them perform their job.

The Business World

is continuously evolving, and in order for organizations to meet various requirements, they must provide their employees with ongoing training. With the cost of workplace incidents having a possible damaging financial impact, it makes good economical as well as business sense to TRACK, MANAGE and VERIFY IT.

A Safety Management System, such as WEMS,

can increase your bottom line and decrease the potential number of injuries. Employee injuries and other incidents in the workplace can have potentially negative effects on a business. Employing the use of safety training in the workplace and utilizing a system to track it can help to reduce worker injuries, lost time, accidents and higher insurance premiums.


has been designed to support ALL companies of ALL sizes, across ALL industries, including the following:

  • Oil & Gas (Upstream, Downstream, Midstream, Service)

  • Mining

  • Construction

  • Food Services

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